Saturday, December 8, 2012

As If.

Really?  Do I need another blog?  Do I need another hole in the head?  ;-)

This is just a quickie post as an FYI.

Back in the daayyy, I was an avid blogger and blog follower.  My Google Reader list is sickeningly long, but the fact is that I actually DO still keep up with a lot of blogs, HotMomsCook being one of them.

Several years ago, HotMomsCook was one of my favorite cooking blogs, and was one of the "standard" blogs I would list in my blogroll wherever I happened to be blogging at the time.  (At the moment, you can find me at

HotMomsCook was a fascinating, well-written collaboration of cooking ideas and family news.  I liked it mainly for the "fast" recipes that, when put together, didn't look or taste so "fast."

Somewhat recently, I did some digging around to see what has become of one of my favorite blogs (although it hadn't been updated in years--the content was still online, and still useful, and still great!)

I found that there is a lady who has put together a cookbook:  "Hot Moms Cookbook."  I sent her a quick message asking if she knew anything about the now-offline/dead blog because it was such a great blog.  The author was nice, and I hope her cookbook does well--but no, she apparently is unrelated to the original authors of the HotMomsCook blog.

Anywhoo, at this point, I feel like some kind of weird stalker.  ROFL!!!!

When I found out that the address was available, I jumped on it.  At this point, I think it's about time for me to have my own cooking blog of sorts.  If anyone would like to join in, please email me at:

I don't think that my intention is to ressurect exactly.  But we shall see--such is the morphing nature of blogs.

p.s.  Just to clarify, I have no intention of stepping on anyone's toes, particularly that of the author of Hot Moms Cookbook.  I have no interest in mixing up with anyone's vision.  So, one of the first things I may do is create a list of awesome cookbooks and links to other cooking blogs.  ;-) ♥

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